When Shopify decided to terminate our service without warning or cause (they host other Cannabis companies) we had to move to a new platform. Unfortunately the program used to do loyalty points was only designed for Shopify.  That said it works a little differently (We implemented the new system and gave all of you 100% of your points back for every order from Jan 4th 2019, back to September 15th 2018 when we put our loyalty program together. What this means is EVEN IF YOU SPENT YOUR POINTS you received them again.)

So the way the new points system works is pretty straight forward. Again we give 2 points for every $1 spent.  The difference is you don’t have to cash your points out for coupon codes.  The system just lets you know how many points you have, and asks if you want to use them on your purchase.


Minimum Service fee of $50 outside of the Portland Peninsula must be met.

POINTS HAVE NO CASH VALUE. The only value they have is to reduce fee prices on our website for the duration that we are in business and have the technology to use them. At no time are we responsible for anything that has to do with this point system. It is a courtesy to you as our customer, as such it shouldn’t and therefore does not effect us in a negative way legally or otherwise.

13 thoughts on “Loyalty

  1. I did not receive the proper number of loyalty points when the system was reset recently

  2. I got a email saying I got 50 birthday points and my balance was 260 but when I look online it says 0

    1. You have 660 points now 🙂 Sorry for your inconvenience and Happy Birthday.

  3. I had 306 points but it says I currently have zero and I never spent them.

    1. You are fixed. You actually should have had about 620 points. I rounded you up to 1000. Have a great week!

      1. Thank you Incredibles!

        1. you are welcome!

  4. Hi I have made a few orders in the past on the old website and only cashed out my points once. It says I currently have 0 in the new system

    1. Hey Joshua,

      You are fixed! You have 600 points now 🙂 Sorry for the inconvenience! Have a great day! Remember that the points are now used automatically at checkout, so if you want to save them up make sure you uncheck the option to use your points.

  5. I lost a bunch of points when the system reset.

    1. I’m assuming because you didn’t email in and commented in this section you don’t mind your response given here as well. You spent $315 total in all orders. You have 644 points. This is correct. You got a few extra points for making an account, etc… We have made no adjustments. You have not lost any points. You are entitled to 2 points per $1 spent. Let us know if we can do anything else for you! Have a great day.

  6. Tonight I needed assistance in locating my bag and asked Incredibles to help me find it. It was the first time I ever asked them, after a quick registration, I was contacted within a few minutes from my personal Psychic Leo. He was so helpful and was able to tell me where and when he found what I lost. The timing, service, quality, and overall hospitality was exceptional. Thank you again guys for your help tonight, if I happen to lose anything in the near future I will definitely ask you for your assistance, and will tell some friends how great you were!!!

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