Pay w/Bitcoin

If you don’t want to leave your house to pay our fee, You can purchase Bitcoins online with a CREDIT CARD. The easiest way is through Square’s Cash App. You can literally just buy some bitcoin with your debit card/credit card and send it over. No fuss no muss. You can also get it at CoinMama (  It takes some time to get setup the first time, but after that you will be able to enjoy the convenience of paying our fee without going out to get cash.

You can buy Bitcoin locally with a credit card or debit card from Bitcoin ATM machines all over the greater Portland Maine area. Click on one of the pins below to get the physical address of a Bitcoin ATM closest to you.  **NOTE Ignore the Cardtronics Machines I’ve never seen one that supports Bitcoin.  ALSO Note that we do not recover your lost goods until the Bitcoin transaction is out of “PENDING” state (for obvious reasons) which can take a few minutes up to an hour and a half. So please plan accordingly. That said typical wait time is 5-10 minutes for it to go out of pending status.

We are currently closed. We are open everyday from 7am-9pm. You can pre-order at 5am. Thank you.