How To Save $

We have deals all the time.  If you aren’t in the know it is likely because you either opt’d out of our sms messaging or you haven’t signed up. So here is how you save money regularly:

  1. Make an account. We have loyalty points. Making an account gets you 100 points!
  2. ORDER ONLINE: You get 0 discounts if you order through the phone or text. In order to save money you NEED to setup an account, and order online.  If costs money to have the staff we do. Ordering online is on average 30 minutes faster than ordering through the phone and it costs us less money. If we save, you save. Even if there are no sales you still earn points you can use toward a future purchase putting your order through online yourself. It’s not hard, just make sure your billing AND shipping address are in there correctly and the system will let you add things to the cart. If it isn’t letting you it is one of the 4 reasons. 1) We don’t serve the area you are trying to get serviced (Check our list of towns we serve in the menu and the order minimum for that area). 2) You have the wrong state in your billing or shipping info. The abrv for Maine is ME (not MA).  3) You have the wrong zip code in your shipping address.  4) We are out of stock for that item in your area, but have it in another area which is why it is a menu item.
  3. Spend Money. Our loyalty points work like this… you spend $1 you get 2 points in credit! You can redeem these points at checkout (it’s automatically applied unless you uncheck it at every purchase). These points can be used from $5 to $15 worth at a time (500 – 1500 points). These points often stack with other sales. The only thing you have to keep in mind is order minimums. They apply regardless of points or savings. So for example you can save $200 but need to make sure you meet the order minimum of $50 for Portland. If you saved $201 and went to $49 you would not be able to engage our services.
  4. SMS FLASH SALES. DO NOT OPT OUT.  We send out 2 texts a week that tell you about deals we are doing for that day, or the weekend. If you aren’t signed up you won’t know.
  5. Secret Site Sales: Sometimes we run a flash sale on the site without telling anyone. You just have to login and look for that little floating blue bar at the top of your screen. It will tell you what is going on. Sales can be up to 50% off and last 30 minutes, or they can be up to 20% off and last all weekend. It just depends so come back and check often.
  6. Exclusive VIP Members: Our super exclusive VIP membership is by invitation only.  We have VIP Reserve Strains that no one gets access to, a neat edible program, subscription services, even an elevated meal service in the works.  VIP members get bumped to the head of the line when they are in queue (VIP queue is based on first come first serve with other VIP members).  VIP membership is based on a number of things from average monthly spend, good attitude, and how long you have been a customer.

Cash or BTC only curbside service. We are open everyday. Appointments go quickly!