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The Finest Cannabis Products

At we pride ourselves in being able to recover your lost cannabis and return it to you in minutes, not hours.  Are you ready to get your groove on? Are you ready to have one of the best cannabis experiences in Maine?

From Kittery To Freeport

If you are on either side of 95 or 295 between Kittery Maine and Freeport Maine we probably service your area. If we do not you are welcome to meet us in the many areas we do service!


We use extremely high end rosin and distillate to make the best tasting edibles in Maine. They have to live up to our INCREDIBLES name after all. Dosing is a big deal. This is why every single edible product we have is dosed accurately for your enjoyment.

Fresh is a cornerstone to any good tasting baked product. There is a timer on any fresh product. Our products are date labeled and made fresh weekly. Once a week we have a half price sale to clear out our old inventory and make room for the new inventory. Our fresh baked products stay good for 7 days in their Food Grade bags. We run our 1/2 price sale every 5 days.

We look for the fair trade logo on every product we purchase. We make every attempt to make sure that the ingredients we use comply with the global standards set forth by the fair trade community. Being a good trade partner with others provides income stability and empowerment to everyone in our supply chain. It's the right thing to do, and we stand up with the global community that embraces it.

All of our ingredients are organic, because your body knows the difference.

All of our products from our Glass Jars to our Food Grade Kraft Bags are recyclable. Keeping the Earth green is important! Please do your part and recycle our packaging.

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  • foto Incredibly Pure Shatter How many times have you opened the container to your shatter and found dark brown reclaim looking shatter? You won't get that from us. What you will get is a beautiful peach color shatter that smells just like it looks. Sweet and heavenly and the taste... well let's just say it is delicious!
  • foto State of The Art Lab When we recover your lost concentrates you can rest easy knowing that they are the same concentrates you lost that were made in the best lab in the State of Maine. We know you only pay for the best, and we refuse to find low end concentrates. Our Spirit Guides will find the high-end concentrates you lost or our fee is free!
  • foto State Limit Remember that our State Limit For Adult Carry is 5 grams of concentrate. We can't find anymore than that for you no matter what.

INCREDIBLESME Things We Found is the ONLY NATIONAL AWARD Winning Cannabis Service In Maine



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