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  1. melbar88.mb says:

    Hey folks! Totally new to the site, but damn this is amazing. I’m staying at a hotel, and I lost my weed! I am wondering about protocol for delivery to such a public area? Will your psychic be able to find me?

    1. jester says:

      Just put the place in for your shipping address 😉

  2. michaell50 says:

    Thanks for finding my draw! Incredibles.me, provided me great customer service. First time customer and this was a fantastic experience! Many Thanks.

    1. blackops77 says:

      Whzt are the points for?

      1. jester says:

        you can spend them in increments of 500, 1000, 1500. 500=$5, 1000=$10 and 1500=$15. They spend like cash off your total and they stack with most of our sales.

      2. jester says:

        Points are changing soon. They are used to earn coupons that you can use to get discounts on our services.

  3. jones.isaac0301 says:

    This is certainly a mindblowing experience..all the way around!! I can hear Jimmie Hendrix telling me to sit down! Lol!

  4. Emily says:

    Can’t tell you how often I lose my stash. It’s so comforting to know I now have INCREDIBLE PSYCHICS out there relocating my belongings. Great service. Im sure I’ll lose my shit again real soon 😉

    1. jester says:

      LOL we had a premonition it would happen again soon…

  5. michaeljwhittaker says:

    I would love your help in finding the rosin I lost. It was dark green and very sticky. It was a crucial ingredient in my medicinal baking. Pleas….help me ‘o awesome psyhcic saviours.

    1. jester says:

      We have found some rosin and some crumbles 😉

  6. DR7467 says:

    do you deliver to New Harbor or Damrascotta?

    1. jester says:

      You can always check by creating an account, adding the address you want us to perform our service and then adding something to the cart. If it says you have no delivery options we don’t service that area. You can then find a map and take a look from Freeport down to kittery. We service most of the areas within 5 or so miles from 295 and 95 between those points.

  7. Heavy Hitter says:

    I am very happy to know that your hard-working special psychics are on the case spanning the globe attempting and successfully ascertaining the location of my lost stuff. I am losing my mind and my stuff all day long. Guess what…I just recovered my stuff… Now everythings’ gonna be alright! Thank-you very much Psychic Detectives, I’m pretty sure I’ll be needing your recovery services really soon because I too lose my *hit all the time and so do my friends. Peace out 🙂

    1. jester says:

      Haha love it! It is our pleasure!

  8. dick_5292 says:

    Do you have any psychics looking in the Fryeburg area?

    1. jester says:

      Sorry we do not (yet). We are expanding pretty regularly!

  9. Bayer33000 says:

    Your website doesn’t seem to want to place my order. May I call in a service? Thank you- a loyal customer

    1. jester says:

      You can always call. Would love to know what is going on though. 90% of our orders come through the site successfully everyday. If there is a glitch we would love to fix it, and if there is something new that you don’t know how to proceed with I’d love to explain it to you. You miss out on your free stuff ordering on the phone, I’d hate for a loyal customer to not get the good stuff!

  10. Harleywoman says:

    I have tried a few different places in the area and keep coming back to incredible me cause as far as I can tell they are the best ! Keep Doing You!!

  11. wilburndonna67 says:

    Incredible.me is the only reason I made it thru the stuff I’m going thru. Every single one of the employees totally rock and strive to help.

    1. jester says:

      Thank you! MUCH Love from all our crew!

  12. richardsonl20 says:

    Hello, trying to call to place an order after having trouble with the online system – the phone number won’t go through, I’m just wondering if there’s something wrong with the phone and the site? Never had this issue before…

    1. jester says:

      It is the week of July 4th. We were on the phone all day with customers calling in. Perhaps you called before 10am when we open?

  13. gbickel says:

    I cannot locate a phone number to call to place or ask questions about a placed order. I would really like to speak to someone who can help me. What are my next steps?

    1. jester says:

      207-420-Guy8 (4898)

  14. Ashley Bankhead says:

    These guys were lifesavers when I lost my weed! Gabe was fantastic even when I made a mistake with my address. Highly recommend!

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