Four Calorie Full Spectrum THC Pills

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If you are like me, then you might worry about all the calories associated with edibles.  I struggled to find a solution where I could take MY meds and still not pack on the calorie intake. I designed this for those who prefer not to smoke, or for those who want to keep a trim appearance/lose weight.

We developed this full spectrum THC pill using a tried and true formula specifically designed to boost fat burning and increase mental clarity.  The oil we use with our pills is designed to be extremely efficient in your body. It helps the cannabinoids and THC to hit your receptors easier and harder.  This means less does more. I find that 12.5mg is perfect for me to feel relief from stress, anxiety and mellows me out without taking away my ability to focus and do things.

Clearly not something you should do while operating a vehicle, or anything else where you could be a danger to yourself or someone else.  For me these micro doses are perfect.  You should test them at home on the couch to see what a single one does to you. Remember these are designed to hit faster and harder than other things you may have had. If you are a light weight you might want something smaller, and we have those in the works as read this!

You get 20 in a bottle, each pill contains 12.5mg of full spectrum THC oil (or 250mg TOTAL). They come in child safe pop top containers and are labeled.

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