Lamb’s Bread (aka Lamb’s Breath) #2 Rarest Strain on Earth



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This strain is ridiculously rare.  Well known to be famous Reggae Singer and Rastafarian Bob Marley’s favorite strain of all time. This is a smooth smoke, that makes you feel like ‘Every little thing gonna be all right’. Every blue moon you will see a famous musician tweet about how they finally found that legendary smoke (Lamb’s Bread) and it was amazing!

In Marijuana Connoisseur circles this strain is something to talk about and gets people very excited.  The super rare nature, the smoke, the happy smooth euphoria that allows you to function but still feel super lifted is everything you want in a beautiful smoke.

Here is one of many articles that discuss the super rare nature of Lamb’s Bread. We have found a small amount of it in Portland, and are willing to return some of it to those of you who have lost it and understand the gravity of the situation. The sacrifice that we are making to return this and not save it for our own private reserve.

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