Cannabis Delivery Services are illegal in Maine.  Gifting Cannabis is illegal in Maine.  Don’t worry though! It is still legal for an Adult age 21/+ to carry 2.5oz of Cannabis Flower and up to 5 grams of concentrates!

So under your scenario you are in Maine vacationing, living, etc… and you lost your weed.  OH NO!  Who do you call? The INCREDIBLES.ME Psychic Service!  We have Psychics roaming all over Portland communicating with their deity, their spirit guides, and having religious moments of clarity. We can guarantee to find your LOST WEED!! (For a small, but very worth while fee!).

Just login to this site, and select the cannabis or cannabis products you lost, and give us your address.  We will find YOUR weed and get it back to you ASAP.  Fees vary based on the time it takes us to find your weed, the quantity of weed we have to locate, and the distance in which we have to travel to get YOUR LOST weed back to you.

I get it… it sounds like crazy crackpot stuff right? Well it is effective, and more importantly it is (in our opinion) LEGAL! (It also is out of respect for law enforcement, we are not scoff laws, we respect the men and women in blue who protect this State.) Maine is going through some cannabis growing pains. While these growing pains are happening, why not avail yourself of our services? We are not a delivery service, we are not furnishing you weed.  We are simply returning YOUR property!  If you have LOST your weed, please feel free to reach out to us! Your word is good enough for us. If you say you LOST IT, we will FIND IT, GUARANTEED or you pay nothing.

Please keep in mind that we do not offer location services for people under the age of 21. You must have ID to engage our services.  Please also keep in mind that we do not find weed and return it if you are within 1000 feet of a school. If you are under 21 or near a school maybe it is best that you lost your weed.

Hours of operation are available on our HOURS PAGE


We require exact change, our drivers do not carry change. That said you can pay for our services using Bitcoin when you order and not have to worry about change. It’s up to you. If you are a NEW CUSTOMER and you are trying to recover more than $1,000 worth of product please pay with Bitcoin at the time of your order.  If you do not we will not be able to accept your order for our services.


Sales are done in coupon codes that are only sent out to your cell phone via sms. If you haven’t unsubscribed to the SMS messaging you will receive them. They are generally flash sales and offer a substantial discount for several hours or the day.

Edibles Sales are done once a week (Wed/Thur Only). Our edibles are fresh for 4 days. On the 5th and 6th days they are sold half price for those of you that don’t mind a hard brownie or cookie because it still gets you high 🙂 By purchasing these half priced edibles you acknowledge you are buying them despite that fact and assume all liability for their use.

Lastly when you order, depending on the psychic fee you will automatically be offered free stuff. This stuff stacks and ranges from Shopping Totes, Pre-Rolls and edibles to Shatter and Flower. The more you spend the more you get. Look for your options at checkout.


You are ordering and want your product returned to you. You can have it returned to your home, or the hotel you are staying at, a friend’s house, or a public place.  It is your choice.  When you order you will not have to pay with a credit card. We are cash or Bitcoin only, and we return your goods from our vehicle at the curbside. On shipping and billing you just want to put the ADDRESS WHERE YOU WANT YOUR PRODUCT RETURNED. Do not give us your home address unless that is where we are going.  We will not travel outside of the state, we do not ship product outside of the state, so do not put an address that is outside of those areas. When you order you will be required to put in 3 real pieces of information. The rest is completely up to you. We will never share the info you give us and it is encrypted with a very serious encryption scheme.  The 3 pieces of REAL information you must give are as follows: Your Phone number, the address you wish to have your product returned, and what you want us to recover for you (blue dream, etc… whatever you lost).  Put that info in, use a fake email if you want, we won’t spam you.

IF YOU WANT TO BE SERVED TODAY PLACE YOUR ORDER BEFORE 11:30AM EST. Otherwise you will be served tomorrow. You will be asked to select a good time of the day and a date of up to 2 days in advance when you order. 

We send a newsletter 1 time a month and it has an update on some of our stuff and a coupon code for a discount in it.  A lot of times we don’t send the newsletter because we are busy psychics. If you fail to give us your phone number, address, and order we will cancel your order. There is a NOTE SECTION when you order in your cart.  If you want US TO DISCREETLY return your product make sure you let the Psychic know by commenting in the note field.  We try to be discreet regardless but there are times when you might just want someone to be extra discreet.

Once you place your order you will get a confirmation email (if it bounces because you didn’t put in the right email no big deal). Your order will sit for between 1 and 15 minutes in a queue trying to locate the psychic with the least people in queue. Once the Psychic accepts your order you will get a text notification (on your phone, so make sure you give us your phone number. Without it we will not serve you and we will cancel your order). The text notification will tell you that we are looking for your lost weed.  When the psychic serves the people ahead of you and your turn comes up he will find your lost weed and click another button on his app that will send you another automated text message telling you that he is on the way.  At this point you should have your full payment (exact change, and a tip business insider magazine says proper etiquette is 10% for a psychic driver). Remember we do not carry change because it is a very dangerous business, psychics get robbed and so ours do not carry money.  If you do not have change and can’t get change you can use the change as a tip for your driver or you can request that they have a manager add the value of the overage to your account in points. These points can be used toward your next service fee with us (up to $15 at a time). We do this as a courtesy for you if it is late and you can’t get change some place. You can also opt to pay with Bitcoin when you order through our system. Then you don’t have to worry about change at all!

When you get your notification from the psychic your wait time will range from a few minutes to 20 or so. However long it takes the driver to go from his last customer to you.  If you have any questions you can reach out to the number that texted you and speak directly to your psychic. When your psychic arrives you will be texted to let you know that they have arrived. You should go outside and meet with them (usually you will get a car description to help).  If you are a first time customer OR the psychic that is serving you doesn’t recognize you then you will be asked to pass your ID and payment through the window. Your Psychic will carefully check your ID to make sure you are 21 years of age or over and pass your ID with your recovered product back to you.  If you are having trouble getting ahold of your psychic make sure you are calling from the number you gave us. The system uses callerID to route your call to the correct driver. If you call from a different phone number than the number you put as your phone number the call will not go through. Enjoy!




What towns do you serve?

From Kittery to Freeport along 95 and 295 only. We will stray within 5-10 miles of 95 or 295 along that stretch from Kittery to Freeport for home deliveries. All of Portland. Any big tourist areas between Kittery and Freeport.  We will NOT serve within 1100 feet of a school, a secondary school, or a safe zone for any reason.

Order minimums, what’s that?

We have order minimums based on your location and how far it is from one of our locations. If you met the minimum order for your area you WILL see a free shipping option, proceed with the order and select the free shipping button. If you don’t meet the minimum order for your area when you get to your checkout you will NOT SEE the ‘free shipping’ button. Instead you will see a DO NOT PRESS instruction followed by a notice that you did not meet your order minimum for your area.  This instruction will tell you what the minimum service fee for your area is. If you go back in and add to your order and meet that minimum order value you will see a free shipping option pop up in your checkout and will be able to continue your order.  Depending on the browser you use, you may ALSO see the DO NOT PRESS option in ADDITION to the FREE OPTION. Simply ignore it. As long as the FREE OPTION is available you have met the order minimum for your area and can go ahead and complete your order.

Do you deliver to a public place like a hotel or restaurant? 

YES, simply use the address you want for your recovery as your billing address/shipping address (check the box that says same as billing address).

What If I’m visiting from out of state, what address do I put down?

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT Put your HOME OUT OF STATE ADDRESS.  We do not perform product recoveries outside of the state of Maine. Your order will be deleted. INSTEAD put the address WHERE you want to meet. Like your hotel, a place you are eating, or a public space that makes sense. We will take care of you without issue 🙂

Do you offer first time customer discounts?
No.  We have loads of sales and flash deals for our regular customers. If you happen on the site while a sale is going you will see the sale in the bottom blue bar. You can use that sale.  If you want to be included in our SMS Text Blasts that announce our special CRAZY FLASH Sales (some last a weekend, some last 2 hours) make sure you opt-in or opt-out.  You will start receiving messages after our system determines that you are a regular customer. We don’t bribe people to order from us, but we do reward people for doing business with us regularly. We find the best products in the State of Maine. Bribing customers to treat themselves the way they deserve is not necessary. You deserve the best, you know you do and you don’t need someone to goad you into treating yourself well.


Quite simply we do not have it in stock in the area you are trying to get your service.  If you are willing to drive to Portland you can simply change your shipping address to a place in Portland you would like to meet and see if the item is in stock there.  If it says out of stock it means it is not there.  We will not bring stock from one location to another (Unless your order is $500+, pay with bitcoin using the site, and you are willing to wait up to 1 hour. Generally it would take less time than that if we have someone we could dispatch just for your order).

I made a mistake on my order!! What do I do now?

No worries! Call us at 207-420-GUY8 (4898) ASAP and we can fix your order.

I don’t feel like ordering on the website!! I KNOW it could cut my delivery time in HALF, I know I get points when I order through the site and don’t get my points when I do not… I KNOW I do not get to use any discounts or sales, but I don’t want to.

The short answer is you can order over the phone. That said to manage your expectations please note the following: 1) The only reason we have points, sales, and discounts is to encourage people to use the site. You will not (no matter who you are) ever receive points, sales, or discounts if you order through the phone. Just keep this in mind. We have to pay someone to be on the telephone and answer calls which means you have to pay for that convenience.

Are there order minimums for different areas?

Alfred $85

Berwick $100

Biddeford $50

Eliot $100

North Berwick $100

South Berwick $100

Cape Neddick $100

Cumberland $100

Falmouth $65

Freeport $100

Gorham $100

Kennebunkport $85

Kennebunk $85

Kittery $100

Ogunquit $100

Old Orchard Beach $75

Portland $50

South Portland $50

Saco $50

Sanford $85

Scarborough $65

East Waterboro $100

Waterboro $100

Wells $85

Westbrook $65

Windham $100

Yarmouth $100

York $100

York Beach $100

York Harbor $100

Do your drivers carry change?

No. You are expected to have exact change. 🙁 We can HOWEVER send you a gift card in the amount you are owed in change. For instance if your order is $50 and you only have THREE 20s, we would send you a gift card for $10 which can be applied to your account or given to someone else. Please also note that if we get there our services have been rendered. You must complete the transaction or we won’t serve you again. Our time is valuable, but the customer’s time after you is more valuable to us. We could have served them that much faster if you had simply read this policy. We don’t have time to waste because it doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the next person in line who does have the correct change. We can’t and will not carry change it is a security risk. While it is inconvenient for you to have to have exact change, or give extra and get credit, it is very dangerous and possibly life threatening for us to get robbed. I can’t be sorry that our psychics safety is more important.

  1. Chris says:

    How far do you travel to locate lost weed.
    I’m in the newport area.

    1. jester says:

      Greater Portland Area – So… Parts of Yarmouth near 295 south to as far as Kittery (or any point within a mile of either side of 95).

  2. Dwayne says:

    How far out do u guys deliver, I have a question about the vip

    1. jester says:

      See other response, thank you!

  3. Tim says:

    I’ll be in Portland on vacation. Can you meet me somewhere other than my home?

    1. jester says:

      Yes simply use the address you would like to meet as your address. For instance if you want to have it brought to your hotel then you use your hotel’s address.

  4. Toby Brace says:

    I am in Mount Vernon — I realize you probably wont come that far but How far would I have to drive to meet you? Please advise and thank you for this great service.

    1. jester says:

      Yarmouth would be where we could meet you so about 64 miles from you.

  5. Toby Brace says:

    I am in Mount Vernon…how far would I have to travel to meet you, assuming you do not deliver to Mount Vernon? Thank you for your time.

  6. Toby Brace says:

    Yarmouth would work..is there a place that is preferable to meet, maybe off the exit (what exit should I take)…sorry, I am not very familiar with Yarmouth (just visiting family in Maine). Hope you can help out. Thanks again.

    1. jester says:

      Definitely put your order in. Google a place in yarmouth that looks easy for you to get to and makes sense from a service perspective and use that as your shipping address. When a psychic accepts your order you will be able to interact directly with them and can tweak any delivery locations at that time.

  7. joshua says:

    I am trying to use your promo code patriots for the $20 off an order of $100 but doesn’t seem to work. Also how long does it take to have order delivered after the order has been placed?

    1. jester says:

      Should work now, sorry I made the codes at 5am 🙂

  8. Em says:

    How long does a delivery take (roughly) if my lost my stuff in Kittery?

    1. jester says:

      Depends on the day and how many orders are in front of you. We have 8 drivers for southern maine. Our average time in Kittery is about 35m.

  9. dtoutain62891 says:

    site wont let me place an order, says i have not selected a shipping method. the only one there is pay with cash upon delivery, i keep clicking it, but nothing happens, still wont let me place the order? i dont see any way to click it? what am i doing wrong?

    1. jester says:

      You have to enter an address that you wish to receive your recovered goods that is in our service area. Outside of that you may be misreading the warning that this may happen. The way to tell is if you see a place order button and can press it the order will go through.

      (i.e. For instance if you are visiting from another state and put your home address… our system KNOWS we do not serve where you are from. You must INSTEAD put the address where we would be meeting you to return your goods. Kittery up to Freeport. If you put in a zipcode we do not service, it will not accept the order, if you have further problems feel free to contact our phone line during phone line hours 207-619-3560 and we can help you out. Please be aware that even though we are OPEN 7 days a week from 7am-9pm our phone lines are only open M-F 8am-4pm).

      **Also note that even though this may have worked before (you putting your NH or TX address in, then adding the service address in the note field, it does not work that way now. You MUST put a valid meeting address in your address. This has been changed because we get a ton of people making orders from other states thinking we will ship to them. WE DO NOT SHIP OUT OF STATE FOR ANY REASON).

  10. Chris says:

    Visiting next weekend! I hope you locate the weed I’m bound to lose!

  11. fruityloops21272 says:

    ??? It’s fruity loops, I would really love to write a very positive review on the Mimosa strain. I am signed-in and you are closed would that affect my ability to leave a review? I am quite sure your psychics would love to know what I think. It’s late now and I’ll be away later so maybe you can let me know by text how to write a review, so I can post it asap. Be well dear psychics and keep up the great work you do, many thanks;) fruity

  12. Marleyguy says:

    I live in Portsmouth, NH. Can you deliver my lost weed in a public place in kittery?

    1. jester says:

      We serve Kittery Maine.

  13. gld1361 says:

    Do you deliver to Ogunquit? If so what’s the minimum? How far in advance should I order and is there a time window given so I know when to expect delivery of the lost item? Thanks

    1. jester says:

      Answers to most questions can be found on this page. Such as We service from Kittery to Freeport along 95 as far north as Falmouth and 295 as far north as Freeport. Ogunquit falls in that range, so we do in fact service Ogunquit 🙂

  14. jendhendrix says:

    I am trying to sign up for the SMS Text Blasts – how can I do so if I have already created an account? Thanks!

    1. jester says:

      You are by default signed up, after that you would opt out by clicking a link in one of the text messages. I checked the blacklist for your number and it is not on there, so you have not opt’d out. Thannks!

  15. roadrunner says:

    Amazing service and prouduct keep up the good work .

    1. jester says:

      Thank you 🙂

  16. roadrunner says:

    Thanks again guys your product is second to none .

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